Each month we’ll bring you three of the freshest acts to catch our ears. Headed by New Music Editor Christian Northwood, Check out what’ll be spinning on the Bristol Live Magazine stereo for the month of November.


Slonk, the brain-child of Joe Sherrin, is a project that’s evolved into something very special in the last year or so. His first EP, Pots and Pans documents an artist recording with what he can (literally pots and pans), but his debut album Songs About Tanks fleshes out that lo-fi mentality with crashing guitars, violin layers and an emotional honesty found in few else. It’s intimate and beautiful, combining Slonk’s mastery of lo-fi recording techniques with lyrical prowess.

However, with his new EP Losing My Mind on the Outside of Everything, Slonk pushes even further into his sound. Recorded in just one weekend and with only one microphone, the EP thrives on its limitations, combining noise and intimacy, creating a record that exposes Slonk; blending the harshness of garage-rock with the lyrical deftness of bands like Los Campesinos!, he is able to create something that every listener can connect with. Joe Sherrin has become a true staple of the Bristol scene, and whatever his guise, he knows how to tap into all our feelings.

Lazy Day

First impressions of London four-piece Lazy Day may leave you feeling woozy and chilled. It’s easy to understand why; vocalist Tilly Scantlebury is husky and slow, while the guitars seem to shimmer with an echoey beauty. But the deeper you dig, the sharper the band feel. Their recent EP Ribbons showcased the four-piece’s brilliant indie-pop songwriting, especially on the instrumental interludes. But when they add Tilly’s vocals into the mix, as they do brilliantly on tracks like ‘With My Mind’, they excel. ‘What’s Up’ stands out, its intimate chorus and arresting verses creating something truly special.

4th Project

Taking experimental electronics and mixing them with beautiful vocals and pop sensibilities, Bristol’s 4th Project create something calming yet emotive. The incredible lead vocals from Kathleen Fitzpatrick-Milton soar over the minimal, pulsating electronics that fellow band members Jack Drewry and Rowan Evans create. Their first single, the entrancing ‘Taking Me Over’, is the perfect introduction to the band. The lush layers and clicking drum beats form the perfect launch pad to catapult their sound out of Bristol. It seems only a matter of time before the trio burst out into national, if not international, success.