16th May | Exchange

Formed in a post-emo era where weird haircuts and dramatically emotional music was still a thing, these Minessotan kids, Now, Now (formerly known as Now Now Every Children), couldn’t have become more different from what made them bloom on the music scene. You’ll see it if you chart the transition from their very indie EP, Cars ten years ago, via the album that pretty much changed many people’s lives, Threads, to where they are now. Now, Now are now (right now) a two-piece with their brand new album Saved under their belts.

Extremely electronica influenced, Saved is filled with catchy choruses that make us want to sing along at the very top of our lungs. The opportunity to do so in such an intimate venue as the Exchange is way too good to be missed! The salvation that the album’s title suggests is too generous an offer to turn down. The band will celebrate these new songs two days prior to the new album’s release in Bristol, which gives us a great opportunity to release all the emotions we’ve nested inside us during winter. You’ll find me at the front, crying.

See the video for ‘AZ’ here: