OFF! | Preview


The Exchange are kicking their October off in sweaty, crusty, chaotic fashion with a dose of undiluted punk from LA’s OFF! As band pedigree’s come, you could do worse than counting previous members of Black Flag, Rocket From The Crypt and Red Kross in your ranks.

Their latest album, ‘Wasted Years’, dropped in April, bringing up another helping of eloquent bile to fill our ears, like a classic Black Flag reborn. Frontman Keith Morris has only grown more furious as the years have passed, promising a frenetic show of blood-vessel-busting proportions. Expect more than a spin-kick or two from the crowd and an airing of fan favourites ‘What’s Next?’ and ‘Wiped Out’, potent circle pit catalysts that they are.

Needless to say, the arrival of OFF! in Bristol is an undeniable treat for the city’s hardcore contingent. If you fancy a reminder of when punk was in its rawest infancy, as well as some healthy catharsis and pit cardio, be sure to catch OFF! at The Exchange on 2nd October.

Check out the slightly fun, mostly grim video for ‘Hypnotised’ right here: