Oliver Wilde | Interview & Steam ‘On This Morning’

Oliver Wilde 2014

Although sometimes we all get lumped in a ‘scene’, I don’t believe there are too many bands or artists that belong together under that kind of umbrella.

In the run-up to our birthday issue, we shared some words with downer-pop muser Oliver Wilde. Plus, hear a stream of ‘On This Morning’, the opener for upcoming sophomore album ‘Red Tide Opal in the Loose End Womb’.

So regale us with your highlights of the year gone by?

Highlights of 2013 we’re when we put out our first record ‘A Brief Introduction To Unnatural Lightlyears’, we we’re lucky enough to open up the Colston Hall main stage at Simple Things with some of our favourite artists, I got a phone call at work from Marc Riley who invited us up to Manchester to do a live session for BBC6 our favourite radio station. We then had the opportunity to play a session for Radio 1 DJ Hue Stephens at Maida Vale and toured the UK off the back of our debut release with some great bands such as Yuck and Night Beds. Coming up we have the release of the next record and another tour hopefully stretching out from the shores of the UK.

We’ve been asking all of our past cover acts this for the birthday issue, but – “where are you now”?

In my flat, working on the mixes for the next record and writing new material for another, not that I know when, eventually I will run out of ideas so while there are coming I am going to keep documenting them. It kinda feels like something is going to happen this year, it’s hard to imagine what and how big/small but there is a swelling in the air that is going to settle on someone at some point soon, keep your ears peeled.

What’s most exciting you about Bristol music currently?

The thing that excites me most about artists in Bristol at the moment is the diversity in sounds and styles. Although sometimes we all get lumped in a ‘scene’, I don’t believe there are too many bands or artists that belong together under that kind of umbrella. Because there is no money in Bristol for artists, people’s motivation for making their sounds are organic and their natural artistic expression is allowed to develop free of outside influence, I don’t mean outside music, but outside ‘industry’. The city itself has nothing to do with it, you can’t say there is a Bristol scene or Bristol sound anymore, all the artists I follow at the moment transcend that label. I read a great article with Falling Stacks where they said they are artists from Bristol, not Bristol artists, too true. Maybe I need to check up on my definition of a scene.

It is exciting to be surrounded by people with this attitude and the drive to create their own sounds but be friends as people outside of their art, there is a sense of respect between everyone. It’s healthy to keep a distance as artists with each other but it doesn’t get in the way of having a good party or share in collaborations. I am really enjoying going to see shows all over the city to hear weird, wonderful and unique sounds.

Stream ‘Red Tide Opal in the Loose End Womb’ album opener ‘On This Morning’ right here: