Oliver Wilde ‘Red Tide Opal In The Loose End Womb’ | Album Review


It’s with great anticipation that I slip in my copy of Oliver Wilde’s sophomore album; having admittedly already been written upon the release of his debut, it’s been quite the waiting game.

Opener and recent offering ‘On This Morning’, with its serial violin lines and sliding guitar parts, is full of childhood whimsy, but is of course bittersweet in its yielding to Oliver’s true downer-pop style. Previous single ‘Stomach Full Of Cats’ deepens the affair further, allowing for a contextually upbeat moment amidst wobbling, washing tones.

However, it’s perhaps the duet, ‘Plume’, that’s most affecting; saturated as ever but with newfound romantic undertones. Tracks like ‘Play & Be Saved’ push the boundaries of his palette out yet further, sounding bigger and (dare I say) more confident than ever.

With its larger sound, further prevalence of stings and even closer vocals, ‘Red Tide’s richness makes for something deeply opiate — gorgeous, life-affirming headphone music to share your life with.

Check out ‘Play & Be Saved’ right here: