Bristol favourite Oliver Wilde released a surprise album last night, featuring a variety of unheard tracks that didn’t quite make the cut for previous album Post-Frenz Container Buzz.

Titled And This Is Where The Tragic Happens, Wilde accompanied the release with a short message: FREE mixtape of unreleased music from Oliver Wilde for you to bootleg and share “Thread delicately with strands of hyper analytical self-awareness, existential confusion and all my demos that sounded too much like Elliott Smith songs to actually put on a record. “xx

Wilde has three full-length records under his belt – 2014’s Red Tide Opal in the Loose End Womb, 2016’s Long Hold Star an Infinite Abduction and this year’s Post-Frenz Container Buzz.

You can stream And This Is Where The Tragic Happens below – and of course share it, and bootleg it as Wilde would’ve wanted.