The Orielles // Photoset

24th February | Fleece

Moved to the larger venue because of demand, it’s not going to be long beforeĀ The OriellesĀ are filling even bigger rooms with even more excitement than they generated at The Fleece. No more than one album in, the trio-turned-quartet already have a wealth of audience-shaking songs, funk-fuelled, dancey tracks that defy you to be the wallflower at the side and draw you towards the front to shake your locks like some frenzied loon in an outtake from a shampoo commercial, or the original footage from the Woodstock Festival.

Life’s good with The Orielles in it, and frankly, it just gets richer, with the permanent addition of keyboards, we can expect even more richness to their composition in future shows. Their songs brim with a love for music and a seemingly extensive and nerdy knowledge of music. On stage, it all manifests itself in joy, which the audience gleefully share. Lee Ramsey had the pleasure of assembling this photoset for us.

See the video for ‘Blue Suitcase (Disco Wrist)’ here: