8th March | Thekla

As curated by DIY Magazine, and with one of their most highly anticipated line-ups in recent years, the Class of 2018 tour enters Bristol for a now completely sold-out show at Thekla¬†this Thursday. Formed of three of the magazine’s most talked about groups, the tour moulds an intriguing mix of guitar pop. It invites its crowd to see at least one of these groups in, unquestionably, the smallest venues they’ll ever play in again. With a warm-up from grungy Uxbridge upstarts BLOXX and the increasingly underrated Our Girl, the main pull, and no doubt the reason for each and every show selling out, is the coup booking of arguably the UK’s biggest up-and-coming band, Pale Waves.

Pale Waves unquestionably have a way with a hook. Their sentimental-funk-meets-new-romanticism sound is channelled into something that’s marketable, sure, but actually increasingly persuasive. Take ‘There’s A Honey’, an unambiguous bout of pop that grips the discomforting anxiety that surrounds self-worth with simplistic yet passionate comprehension. While their aesthetic is undoubtedly fawned over by the contemporary music press, live their plentiful substance comes to the fore.

The Class of 2018 tour is a boisterous and well-rounded proposition, that ought be most gratifying for those in eager attendance.

Watch the video for Pale Waves’ ‘My Obsession’ here: