Parcels // Photoset

6th November | SWX

Just a blast of ABBA or Sister Sledge will confirm, as before ParcelsĀ came on stage at SWX, that disco is most people’s weakness. The Australian five-piece love to infuse a venue with limb-loosening tracks as much as they hate the invention of the space bar. With tracks like ‘Lightenup’, ‘Iknowhowtofeel’ and ‘Tieduprightnow’, they showed their strength in bassline-heavy grooves and slower, more starkly emotive tracks.

They orchestrated their exit with dramatic aplomb. The final track on their most recent self-titled album, ‘Credits’ was an instrumental triumph, with each member leaving one at a time. Alesha Hickmans shimmered with them under an array of glitterballs and captured these images.

See the video to ‘Lightenup’ here: