Parquet Courts @ Trinity | Tuesday 14 June

“Welcome to church”, remarks Andrew Savage of Parquet Courts. “It feels right for us to be playing here, even if our music is most definitely secular.” Indeed, the show, for the band’s latest album ‘Human Performance’, feels like somewhat of a religious experience.

When bassist Sean Yeaton spoke to Bristol Live for the June issue of the magazine, he explained that the band see the recorded versions of their songs as the first, scrappy versions, and that they take on new forms as they’re toured around the world. This statement rings true in the very first song – ‘Human Performance’ standout ‘One Man, No City’, with a wild, unhinged outro section that leads into a twisted, adapted version of ‘Dust’.

The band’s older material is punkier and incites more dancing from the sold-out crowd, but ‘Human Performance’ tracks are by far the most captivating – ‘Berlin Got Blurry’ is probably the catchiest the band have ever sounded, while ‘I Was Just Here’ explodes into a furious final thirty seconds.

Parquet Courts’ live shows aren’t simply a frame-by-frame run-out of the album, and offer something genuinely new and fresh with every next gig – as such, tonight feels anything but laborious, with the quartet relishing every┬ádeviation and improvisation they throw out there.

Check out ‘Berlin Got Blurry’ right here: