Peace | Preview


Back in April Peace dragged the lovesick youth of Bristol away from their turntables and into The Fleece. Well they’re back and this time the destination is Anson Rooms; they’ve promised an explosive budget, a bigger production, and well a bigger everything.

If last time was anything to go by then a light-hearted wave of indie moshing will soon be upon us, curing the bitter winds of December. The month of festivity will for sure be embraced, if you’ve been brave enough to wrap your ears around their cover of ‘Last Christmas’ you’ll know what I mean. This will prove a final chance to catch the Birmingham bunch before they hit the studio to tackle album number two, which quite frankly could shoot them even higher.

Drenge are lined up for support duties, so expect a stifling amount of distortion battling with lyrics about cutting off tongues and turning them to dog meat. Sounds like a good night to me!

Check out Peace getting Christmasy below: