20th April | Louisiana

Relatively little is known about Pet Shimmers. Seemingly, they’ve only done a handful of gigs and released a few tunes on t’Interweb, but it is still perplexing. Are they a collective? Are they a band? What we do know is that Oliver Wilde is the master behind this operation, so it must be good. For me, Wilde’s new project almost went unnoticed; it was only through a friend that I had found out the Wilde connection. I was instantly intrigued as I’m a big fan of the fun-loving tunes of Oro Swimming Hour.

They describe themselves as a “nuclear family-fronted, sit-down, stream-friendly, play-shifting, 8-bit apocalypse party band.” If that doesn’t arouse your curiosity, I don’t know what will. Inherently catchy, their sound is doused in glittering riffs and rich melodies, and the few tracks they have online are great teasers for what’s to expect from their live shows.

Consisting of Oliver Wilde, Will Carkeet, Richard Clarke, Ellie Grey, Lexie Jennings, Mig Schillace & Helena Walker, Pet Shimmers will be performing alongside our most recent In Stereo Sessions guests, wych elm at the Louisiana this Saturday. Tickets are only a fiver – the price of a one-way ticket to shimmery paradise.

See the video for ‘Persona Party’ here: