O2 Academy | 11th May

“Down in Albion, they’re black and blue, but we don’t talk about that.” Pete Doherty is a man responsible for some modern day indie classics – there’s no doubt about that. His show at Bristol Academy marked a full return to this solo territory, perhaps something that the audience might now have been expecting.

Doherty bounds on-stage with a remarkable enthusiasm as he launches into new track ‘Down for the Outing’. Backed by a full-band the track makes for a warm listening experience. A string of fresh material follows, the first which truly excites the crowd is ‘The Last Of The English Roses’, giving way to an easy sing-along.

It fast becomes clear that some amongst the audience are growing impatient. The set is slow and cumbersome and doesn’t really delve into Libertines material. A loud mutter can be heard throughout the venue during some of the more hushed songs. As expected this pisses Pete off, he refuses to start the next song until there’s silence. It almost feels like those in the crowd are naughty school children waiting for a teacher to get on with a maths equation.

There’s not really any excuse for people to act in such a disrespectful way, tickets weren’t purchased for a Libertines show, it was a solo performance that still brought extra classics like ‘You’re My Waterloo’ and ‘Time For Heroes’. The man himself appeared in good form and executed the set in a convincing nature. It just didn’t work with the expectations of those who went down on the night.

Check out ‘The Whole World is Our Playground’ right here: