28th May | Rough Trade

Despite the vast imbalance unfortunately still faced by groups on differing ends of the human experience, we are, in a way, lucky to live in a time where the dialogue for such observations is open and accessible to the public. Does this mean equality has been achieved ? Unfortunately no, though as history has often noted – with great societal change comes a vivid reflection in art and no art of the modern age has reached such visceral and passionate heights as that of the feminist movement.

Few bands on our little island have made quite as much noise as the London based Petrol Girls. Birthed in the turbulent year of 2012, the four-piece wasted no time in greeting the world with their specific brand of purified punk and sprung onto the London house-party scene within days of conception. It seems the four-piece were destined for greatness from the very start, with the band receiving almost instantaneous critical praise from their debut string of shows, and for good reason. Not only did they have something to say, but they also knew just how to say it.

Two fantastic EPs garnered the band a devout following, touching on a nerve shared by a growing number of people feeling the same anger and disenchantment with a society that seemed to turn a blind eye. Taking their name from a group of French revolutionaries seemed fitting, as these women began to amplify a musical revolution of their own design.

With their second LP recently released by Hassle Records, the band have shown no signs of fatigue as they embark on their biggest string of shows to date. Expect noise, expect power and most of all expect triumph when they rocket into Rough Trade at the end of the month.

See the video for ‘The Sound’ here: