19th March | Crofters Rights

South London psych six-piece, Phobophobes are set to bring their grungy, gritty and wonderfully absurd sound to the Crofters Rights on Monday. Their set will feature tracks from their debut album, Miniature World, released earlier this year at the end of January.

The album features singles ‘The Never Never’ and ‘Where Is My Owner?’ For the former’s sleeve artwork (when it was released as a standalone track last year), the band created a microscopic image of bacteria they swabbed from the oldest microphone they could find in Abbey Road Studios, which must constitute the most comprehensive collection of legendary saliva in existence. If designer-baby technology ever takes off, that petrie dish would make a solid DNA reference point.

The creeping songs of Miniature World flicker somewhere between familiarity and uneasiness, creating an addictive edge to the sound. Many of the songs were created during a particularly traumatic period in 2016 that saw the untimely death of their guitarist, George Russell, an ensuing hiatus, and the departure of their long-term bassist.

Rebuilt with three new members, Phobophobes are now on top psychedelic form. On Monday, they will be supported by their fellow South London rockers and tour support Yowl, as well as Wooden Indian Burial Ground, the psychedelic garage-rock trio from Oregon, currently on a sprawling EU tour. If that wasn’t enough, Gravy Train DJs will keep you grooving until late to the finest shoegaze, no-wave and post-punk cuts out there.

See the video to ‘Where Is My Owner?’ here: