How to christen the new live room at the recently-opened Rough Trade shop in Bristol? The answer is simple - Idles. See the images; smell the mayhem.

Sigrid | Live Review & Photoset

The weather outside was frightful, but Sigrid's set? Delightful. Amy Grace was at Motion to witness the fire and ice of the BBC's Sound of 2018. Photos by Rowan Allen.

Dot To Dot Festival 2018 | Live Review & Photoset

Dot To Dot 2018 was a day filled with discoveries of both music and cool new places to spend a Saturday night. Catrin Bishop reviews. Photos by Jessica Bartolini.

IDLES | Live Review & Photoset

IDLES launched album #2, 'Joy As An Act Of Resistance' with two joyous in-stores at Rough Trade. Jon Kean and Phil Watson couldn't resist.
Sea Girls

Sea Girls | Photoset

Sea Girls play songs packed with aspects of pop, the dreamier, janglier side of indie and some rather hefty rock elements. Photoset by Jessica Bartolini.

Mabel // Live Review & Photoset

The Mabel narrative is quickly shifting. It's not where's she's from, but where she's going.that's exciting people. Oliver Evans and Naomi Williams review.

Seafret // Live Review & Photoset

Seafret’s music and their committed bromance charmed those present at Thekla, including our reviewer Phoebe Burt. Photos by Hannah Rooke.

Vant // Photoset

Returning for a first headline tour since the band's indefinite hiatus, vant brought their new sound to the Louisiana. Photoset by Callum O'Keefe.

Homeshake // Live Review & Photoset

"I felt thankful that I’d been granted two hours free from reality." Phoebe Burt and Naomi Williams review Homeshake at Fiddlers.

Superlove // Photoset

"In terms of how much love we ought to give Bristol bands, there can be no greater clue than this band's chosen identity." Superlove photoset by Jonny Nolan.