Bess Atwell

Bess Atwell // Photoset

"There's something gloriously ethereal and elemental about Bess' sound." Bess Atwell at The Louisiana - Photoset by Jessica Bartolini.

Giggs // Live Review & Photoset

"There was a real sense of community created by bringing so much talent together for one show." Ryan Simmonds and Naomi Williams review Giggs.

Wolf Alice | Live Review & Photoset

Wolf Alice pack Bristol's Trinity centre with youth, making for a remarkably fun affair.

Matt & Kim | Live Review + Photoset

Watching Matt & Kim perform is the sonic equivalent of what happens when you eat way too many Skittles

Dot to Dot Festival Review & Photoset

May 27 | Across Bristol Photos: Jake Haseldine & Chole Hashemi What makes Dot to Dot festival so special is its sense of community. Venues both...
Go! Team

The Go! Team | Live Review & Photoset

The Go! Team brought a reduced-size squad to Rough Trade's Live Room, presenting songs from their new album and warming up for full-band dates to come.
Astral Tusk

Astral Tusk Launch Event | Live Review & Photoset

Thursday night saw the phenomenal launch of Astral Tusk, a collective which aims to galvanize the experimental jazz scene, along with offering an insight into improvised contemporary jazz. Amy Grace reviewes. Photos by Khali Ackford.

Moaning | Live Review & Photoset

When Sub Pop serves you up an album, you know it's going to be palatable. Moaning brought their new release to Rough Trade, ably flanked by Leeches and Treeboy & Arc. Ross Jones reviews. Photos by Mar Reyes.

Skating Polly | Live Review & Photoset

"Jump around, fall down, don't miss a note, get back up, finish the song, tie your shoelace, talk about how to tie your shoelace, start another song." Laure Noverraz reviews Skating Polly.

Raye // Live Review & Photoset

"Raye was in awe of her audience just as much as they were in awe of her." Shannon Newman and Michael Brumby review Raye's sold-out Thekla show.