aih2014We invite friends to shout about what they’re into each month. This month: David West of Art is Hard Records!

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ElivsElvis Depressedly
The Crofters Rights | 13th June

Excuse me while I get all misty eyed for a moment, but I’ve dreamt of getting to see Elvis Depressedly ever since I stumbled across his Bandcamp many moons ago. When you’re just listening to heartfelt lo-fi pop songs recorded in someone’s bedroom thousands of miles away, you don’t imagine that’ll you ever get to hear them live, but here we are, putting them on in Bristol as part of their first ever visit to the UK. They’re coming over to celebrate the rerelease of Holo Pleasures – an EP that, despite being full of downtrodden sad songs, never fails to wrap you in a warm glow. Supporting we’ve got Rink who recently put out a really great track on Howling Owl and /please/; a London/Bristol act that we released back in 2013 (Big Jeff once confided that it was one of his favourite things we’d put out!).


Zee TownZee Town & The Dog Boys

Continuing a love affair that first began when we stumbled across an early Black Tambourines demo in a Falmouth record shop, Zee Town & The Dog Boys are the latest Cornish band to catch our attention.

To date they’ve released two EPs full of weighty slow jams and softly-sung, melancholic melodies; and we’ll be releasing their next single as part of our monthly pin badge subscription club! Anyone who has fallen for Oliver Wilde should be similarly enamored with these guys, hopefully we’ll be able to tempt them up for a show soon!

The Old England | 22nd June

Anyone who arrived early enough at the Trust Fund album release party back in January will have caught DIRTYGIRL opening up the show with a set jam-packed with pop songs about body image and bedroom politics. Anyone who arrived later might’ve seen vocalist Molly dueting with Gareth Campesinos! and Trust Fund on a great cover of ‘3 Lions’. I digress. The good news is they’re back in Bristol on the 22nd June, playing The Old England. Come along to see possibly the only band who could make a song about stepping in dog poo the catchiest and most sincere thing you’ll ever hear.

Art is Hard Records are a Bristol based DIY label. Find out more here.