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Loyle Carner
Motion – 12th Feb

Exactly a year ago we saw Loyle Carner perform at The Marble Factory; this month sees him return to headline Motion, a testament to his rise over the past 12 months. Tthe rapper-songwriter has gripped listeners with his detailed approach, combining samples with deeply emotional stories and delivering a dexterous flow from his confined world.

Debut album Yesterday’s Gone is one of integrity and honesty, with a key theme of family throughout. From exploring grief and responsibility to dealing with relationships of all kinds, each song is truly close to home as Carner presents snippets of both his past and future.

With eclectic instrumentation touching on an array of genres, Carner remains in constant motion, displaying the limitless inventiveness that sets him apart from his contemporaries. With a full UK tour scheduled to support the new album, Carner’s world is set to become a whole lot bigger.

Picks Tap The Feed

Big Thief
The Louisiana – 3rd February

Brooklyn’s Big Thief made an emotional impact last year with their breakthrough debut Masterpiece. Fronted by Adrianne Lenker, the band’s songs are as striking as they are personal, painting vivid tones of pain, loss and love.

Masterpiece, released via Saddle Creek, brings Lenker’s tales to life through its rawness and beautiful yet piercing guitars. Intelligent stories and melodies that will twist and turn at every corner, these four deliver something clear and composed, with The Louisiana the perfect venue to communicate it in all its intimate detail.

Picks Tap The Feed

Human Bones
The Louisiana – 2nd February

Bristol favourites Breakfast Records are showcasing some exciting artists at the moment, with garage rockers Human Bones proving one of their most popular outputs.

The band’s summery guitars, classic rock rhythms and humbling vocals will have you hooked in seconds. Debut DIY-style cassette release R.E.P – featuring the light-hearted ‘Salut Salem’ with its clever hooks and warm lyricism – is sure to lend cheer to many amidst the spiralling events of our world today. Their show this month in one of Bristol’s most loved venues will no doubt get you through the tail end of winter at least.

Tap The Feed is a music blog and webzine based in Bristol (previously: The Flux). They’re hosting a relaunch party at The Louisiana on 18th February. Check out Loyle Carner’s ‘The Isle of Arran’ below.