19th March | The Lanes

Promoter Damnatio Memoriae continue their current run of great gigs next Tuesday, bringing German post-punk legends Pink Turns Blue to Bristol. Both of last month’s shows included some storming sets from the likes of Boy Harsher, Kontravoid and Kælan Mikla, with the new promoter seemingly intent on summoning Bristol’s dark ones.

Tuesday’s headliners are considered pioneers in both the darkwave and cold wave sub-genres, with 1988’s Meta, 1990’s Eremite and 1991’s Aerdt – three albums which are essential additions to the collection of any genre fan. A listen through the run of albums from the bands 1987 debut to Aerdt reveals a band in a rich vein of form, pushing themselves into new territory and defying any genre tags you may attempt to throw at them.

Splitting up 1995, the band reformed in 2003 and have released several well-received albums since then. Anyone looking for an entry point should check out ‘Your Master is Calling’ from Meta. Its spacious, looped riff and thumping toms are well suited to a lonely winter’s night spent wandering the city.

A look at the support suggests this is a gig you’ll regret arriving late to. Local Goths NAUT have been carving themselves a formidable reputation, which was reinforced by last year’s EP, Raise the Lights. Meanwhile Berliners Bleib Modern will further help to resurrect the darker side of the 80s, a great example of the new generation who’ve taken on the mantle from Pink Turns Blue.

Listen to ‘The Clown’ here: