You’ve been invited to dust off your guitar, re-string your violin or put a new reed in your bassoon, and join Ross Millard of The Futureheads as part of the house band for a new production from Unfolding Theatre at the Trinity Centre on 21st April.

The production, called Putting the Band Back Together, is “part riotous gig, part tender storytelling”, according to Unfolding Theatre. The inspiration came to director Annie Rigby after a her good friend who, when finding out they had terminal cancer, decided the only thing they wanted to do was to put their old band back together.

The music for the show was composed by Ross Millard from Futureheads, with help from Maria Crocker of The Letter Room and Alex Elliott of Northern Stage. However, the company is not touring with a band, and this is where you come in. Keeping in the spirit of the play, anyone, of any musical ability, can sign up to be part of the ensemble.

To take part email [email protected] or if you have any questions (or don’t have an instrument) email [email protected]. You’ll have to be at the Trinity centre at 5pm on Friday in order to take part in a pre-show workshop and to be taught the music by Ross Millard.

Watch a trailer for the production below, and visit Unfolding Theatre’s website for more information