Poets of the Fall | Photoset

10th October | Thekla

Finland has often been held up as a beacon for quality of human life, with its gross national happiness reflecting its education system, its liberal freedoms and the gender equality that they bring. But it doesn’t always get the kudos it deserves in being a shining global light in showing how to rock out with great, carefree gusto. Those who recall Finland’s Eurovision Song Contest-winning act from 2006, Lordi (if you haven’t, check out YouTube once you’ve checked out these great shots), may wonder where Poets of the Fall have left their chain mail.

The truth, of course, is that Poets of the Fall have carved their own niche of alt-rock, replacing hard-rock shock-and-awe with more dynamic contrasts in their composition. To a suitably-excited Thekla crowd, they showcased many new songs from Ultraviolet, released the previous Friday, that brought keyboardist, Markus Kaarlonen to prominence, at times rivalling the soaring vocals of Marko Saaresto. As Mar Reyes’ photographs show, they are massively engaging. No face masks required.