12th April | Rough Trade

Since releasing Pool in 2016, Aaron Maine, Porches’ frontman, has taken his ethereal, ruminative electronic sound to new heights. There’s an even greater brooding and atmospheric air on The House, Porches’ third full-length, released earlier this year. It saw Maine work with the likes of Dev Hynes and (Sandy) Alex G, and gave us a distinct predominance of particularly punchy dance tracks. The record sees Maine exploring personal identity, in his typically pensive and meditative way. The songs offer an expanded experimental sound palette, particularly on tracks such as ‘Åkeren’, and a shift towards heavier drum beats, like on the urgent and yearning ‘Find Me.’

The nostalgic and dreamy charm that earned Porches such acclaim on Pool is very much still inherent to Maine’s output. It’s just imbued with this sense that Porches have come further into their own with their particular brand of off-kilter, sad boy electro-pop, purveying it with a particularly potent and compelling candour. Having been touring around the US since the release of The House, Porches’ return to UK shores is greatly anticipated. Their show at Rough Trade is an excellent chance to catch these newer tracks live.

See the video for ‘Goodbye’ here: