11th May | The Lanes

Port Erin are one of Bath’s long serving and much loved bands. They always pull a crowd in Bristol and the surrounding areas. Last year saw them popping up at festivals aplenty, even making an extra appearance at Farmfest. Lead singer and songwriter Reuben Myles Tyghe seems effortlessly prolific and even finds the time for the occasional production project. He frequently collaborates with other musicians to incorporate choirs and saxophones into Port Erin’s recordings.

Their previous two albums have had differing tones, but the common thread is the summery and sweeping feel of the music. With a scattering of muted string plucks and beautifully ascending melodies, you could associate them with early tracks by The Police, minus Sting’s narcissism. For example: ‘Just Ridin’ My Bike Man’ from 2014’s Floating Above The City¬†album has that hint of ska and frivolous jauntiness, which makes the music so buoyant and refreshing. While last year’s Ocean Grey¬†had a more serious and even cinematic demeanour, it still retained Port Erin’s optimistic-feeling core and soothing composition. Most commonly appearing as a three-piece, you will spend a lot of the gig trying to fathom how they create such an all-encompassing sound out of such a small number of musicians.

See the video for ‘The Fuzz and All That They Feed’ here: