Nick Mulvey | Preview

Nick Mulvey

Having accidentally stumbled upon him in the woods at Latitude, Nick Mulvey was the finest cure for the blurry-limbed, boss-eyed last day of a festival you could ask for. The warmth of his most famous song, ‘Fever to the Form’, is heart-meltingly lovely at the best of times and had an almost euphoric effect on the slack-jawed crowd huddling, hypnotised, under the canopy of trees.

Bringing more stranger-snuggling elation to the doors of the Thekla on 12th November, Nick Mulvey is a live presence not to be missed. His new one, ‘Nitrous’, samples Olive’s 90s classic ‘You’re Not Alone’ to glorious effect, while the rest of his offerings on SoundCloud are dosed with enough emotion to bring a magical hush over the most anxious of audiences.

What Mulvey is doing is dreamy acoustic music, something you might think is old hat- but this is soul-music simplified, and has a momentum that can’t be beat experienced live.

Head here for tickets, or check out ‘Fever To The Form’ here: