The Dismemberment Plan | Preview


Twelve years since the release of their last album and the imminent dissolution of the band, influential Indie rockers The Dismemberment Plan have reformed and are touring the UK this November in support of the upcoming ‘Uncanney Valley’ LP.

Familiarly recognised for their critically lauded third album ‘Emergency & I’, The Dismemberment Plan have set themselves just beyond the reaches of absolute genre classification; and 2001’s ‘Change’ only further disparaged pigeonholers. They are a cacophony of witty, turn of phrase lyricism, provocative jazzy noise, spastic drum fills and introspective growing pains, which will certainly resonate fondly with fans of Cap’n Jazz or American Football.

Irresistibly energetic and punchy, this certainly isn’t music for ‘Doing the Standing Still’ to; although it may serve as a poignant reflection, of contrasting heady youth to its giddy comedown.

Join me in welcoming The Dismemberment Plan to Bristol – Thekla, Friday 29th November.

Listen to ‘Daddy Was A Real Good Dancer’ from their forthcoming album: