Tunng | Preview


On paper, the genre ‘Folktronica’ sounds like a bit of an abomination – the Frankenstein’s monster of music – often misunderstood. In reality though, listeners can hold their heads high, admonishing naysayers everywhere, instead of taking discreet cover in the shadows.

For a variety of reasons (or perhaps unreasons), London’s Tunng (pronounced Tongue) find themselves grouped in amidst this bespoke musical pigeonhole. Yet over the course of years, they have continuously developed their sound, and fifth album ‘Turbines’ marks a notable departure from what once was. This is not to say the band has changed its style; Tunng are still Tunng; but the unit is tighter, the formula is tweaked, the effect of years is noticeable, and the result is beautiful.

Criminally overlooked by the average listener, yet it seems the only way is up for the Londonian sextet. Be sure to catch their Colston Hall show, with fellow Full Time Hobbyists Pinkunoizu this October.

Check out Tunng’s ‘So Far From Here’ below: