Volcano Choir | Preview

Volcano Choir

Bon Iver’s Justin Vernon has always been one to dabble around in different projects and well, three years since Volcano Choir‘s debut album arrived, a follow up was beginning to feel long overdue. The wait was, however, brought to an end this September with ‘Repave’ and a ripple of excitement cuts through Bristol as an Academy date looms.

Having spent well over two years recording ‘Repave’, it only seems natural for Vernon co to take the album on the road. The tour will also mark Volcano Choir’s first ever UK shows giving a lingering element of surprise, although a recent appearance on Jimmy Fallon should leave enough clues.

For any fan of Bon Iver, this is an unmissable chance to see an arena artist play out a rare and intimate set, book up for Sunday 10th right now.

Check out the amazing ‘Begone’ right here: