4th May | Thekla

Protomartyr have never been a band with little to say. Since they properly emerged with their irreverent second album, Under Color of Official Right, they’ve handled progression in the mature fashion. They’ve been unafraid to change what isn’t broken but continued honing exactly what it is that’s indispensable to them about their music. Their latest release, the widely acclaimed Relatives In Descent, focuses primarily on frontman Joe Casey’s exploration and consequential commentary on the state of the world and the nature of those within it through the very palpable events going on around him. It looks at the increasingly questionable nature of truth in the midst of fake news and absolute ignorance.

While on record you are given time to delve into Protomartyr’s perspective, live it is a  different beast. A live setting is constant and unbreakable; as a listener, a natural inability to stop what’s proceeding in front of you takes the act of control away from you, and leaves you in Protomartyr’s hands. So the fact they can definitively convey their deeply-intellectual exasperation live to a new audience and channel it into something overwhelmingly compelling is what makes the band a must-watch group. Their show at Thekla this Friday promises to be an imposing and distinctive performance.

See the video for ‘Don’t Go To Anacita’ here: