PRS for Music Foundation launch flash funding | News


Getting your band noticed is tough. You may have written an anthem ready for the Pyramid Stage, but when you’re releasing it onto to the swamp that is Bandcamp with some artwork you knocked up on Microsoft Paint, you’re not doing yourself any favours.

PRS for Music Foundation have realised that, as a musician, marketing may not be your strong point, and so have teamed up Modo, who specialise in creative packaging for music releases, to offer 5 lucky artists the opportunity to be given priceless mentoring in how to properly release a record, including release planning, promotion and sales strategies. Whilst none of this sounds very sexy, it’ll be invaluable when coordinating the vinyl release they’ll also fund for you.

That’s right, your own special vinyl release. 500 shiny black noise disks to do with what you will, although we’d recommend sticking them on your merch table.

PRS for Music Foundation are accepting entries into the competition up until Wednesday 9th December, so send your tracks in soon. Once submitted, they’ll be judged by a special panel of industry professionals including Radio X DJ John Kennedy.

He’s fully behind the scheme, summing up the feelings of music fans everywhere for Music Week: “No need to disappoint them with no recordings to go home with, instead an audio artefact to cherish for the rest of their life. The album I bought from Sun Ra at the Mean Fiddler way back when will always be one of my most treasured post gig purchases. It has survived the t-shirt and still sounds beautiful!”

So go on, get your track in to kick start your band’s career. Head here for more information on how to enter.

Check out the MODO & PRS for Music Foundation video right here: