9th April | Fleece

Punk rock is a genre into which I rarely delve; during my teens I solely listened to the Tony Hawk game soundtracks, exposing myself to the music of The Ramones, Black Flag and The Dead Kennedys to name a few. I distinctly remember printing off guitar chord sheets on the family printer and wasting all of the ink just so I could learn ‘California Über Alles’ on my knock-off Fender from Cash Generator. We’ve all gone through phases in our teens, however my brief flirtation with punk rock was nothing more than a summer fling.

I will be revisiting my punk rock encounters on Tuesday as PUP play The Fleece. I expect nothing less than a show filled with plenty of mosh pits and bodies flying across the room. Having recently released their third album, Morbid Stuff, PUP have teetered over into math-rock territory with the jaggedy track ‘Bloody Mary, Kate and Ashley’, meanwhile ‘Kids’ is giving me some serious SLONK vibes.

Their loud and raucous back catalogue speaks for itself: chanting choruses, tension-building drum beats and memorable lyrics all make for a concoction of heavy headbanging. I’ll be sure to wear my three-quarter-length tartan trousers and studded necklace in homage to my former punk rock self. Grab yourself a ticket for PUP’s undeniably enigmatic show. I’ll see you in the mosh pit.

See the video for ‘Free At Last’ by PUP here: