Quantic | Live Review & Photoset

16th July | Trinity

Photos: Dominika Scheibinger

Despite technical issues during the Quantic gig at Trinity in Bristol on Monday night, when some last minute guitar surgery was required and jokes were made about needing to get screwdrivers out, front man Will Holland and his five-man full band managed to pull off a fantastic show. You definitely need humour when a performance doesn’t go exactly according to plan and the instrumental music that the sold-out crowd were provided with was just the key for putting us all in a mellow mood. By this mishap occurring, it seemed to break the ice and trigger some free-flowing dialogue from Will. He’s certainly not a man of meaningless words and he recounted some interesting stories around how certain tracks came about.

He got a very warm welcome when he played 2007’s ‘Tropidelico’, which was the first track after taking a break to sort the sound, and it felt like the room was instantly transported to a holiday destination in the sun – we were put in a good mood, eating this song up as if it was soul food. That’s the thing about Quantic’s music – it transports you and you don’t necessarily want to come back. He’s so well-travelled that when he plays you his music, you feel like you are visiting all of his previous destinations with him.

As this multi-genre musician went on to perform his version of ‘Hotline Bling’, the energy of the room went up a notch and the smiles on people’s faces were infectious, spreading a communal feeling of happiness. Main man Will then kept us up-to-date with his world by going on to tell us that he’s been working in New York recently and how that has influenced his flow. His sound is really like a patchwork musical quilt; every time he inhabits a new country, he seems to absorb the culture and translate it through his fingertips. His funky sound knows no bounds and he provides his spectators with a true reflection of flavours from across the globe.

His set was extremely varied and a personal favourite was ‘Time is the Enemy,’ so deeply hypnotic that it cannot fail to get you. Whether it’s performed live or just played through your headphones somewhere, it will put you into a trance, but one that will come with all kinds of emotions.

Doing roughly a one hour and forty-five minute set, it felt like we got our fair share of his mastery and the liveliness of the evening left us all energised. Let’s hope that Quantic keeps returning to Bristol. We could make this an annual tradition, as he returns to tell us of his further adventures, so that we too can dip our toes into different countries. Just think – if he’s produced all of these varied sounds in the last decade, we can only wonder what the next ten years will bring out of him.