Raleigh Ritchie // Photoset

30th November | SWX

Starting his set with ‘Stronger Than Ever’ and ending his encore with ‘The Greatest’ gives a genuine indication of the quality that Jacob Anderson, aka¬†Raleigh Ritchie¬†upheld, playing to an eager audience at SWX. He did play ‘Liability’ in the middle of the set, but that – as a title – was not quite so indicative of his performance. For someone comfortable behind a different character and behind a camera (Grey Worm in Game of Thrones), he was notably in his element up close and personal, under the unforgiving lights of the live stage.

‘Time in a Tree’ was evidence of slick new material that is taking shape. There were still elements of alternative R&B and pop from his debut album that could easily be detected, but it also showcased his excellent voice a lot more. Capturing the feeling of having a racing mind, full of life clutter, it ironically served to focus our minds on that one thing for its duration, helping us forget our cares and burdens. Thanks, RR. Alesha Hickmans was there to gather this photoset for us.

See the video for ‘Time in a Tree’ here: