Nothing starts off a set like the sound of police sirens, right? Rat Boy, real name Jordan Cardy, and his friends, started their gig exactly like this. Flashing blue lights and sirens fill the room which sends the crowd into uproar rebelling against authority. Figures fill the stage dressed in masks and wigs before revealing themselves as Jordan Cardy’s partners in crime. Rat Boy comes straight in with his latest track ‘Move’, leading everyone into instant mosh pits like he had attached himself to a human magnet.

‘Get Over It’ was definitely a major hit of the evening being one of the catchier songs of the set with those three words being repeated constantly that even the older fans found themselves chanting along. With only an EP out it’s a credit to Rat Boy to fill an hour’s set whilst consistently keeping the crowd pleased. It was definitely a performance which reflected in the champagne bottles that were being popped and thrown over the audience which engaged a lot of interaction.

A noticeable absence were the lack of instruments which are evident in the recorded tracks. The electric guitar which Cardy holds seems to act as more of a prop than an extension to his gig. However this seemed to have gone unnoticed by the majority of the indie teens who were more interested in moshing and throwing pints. A hectic environment, but Rat Boy and the crowd seemed to bounce of each other well.

It’s chaotic, its mayhem and it’s a lot of fun. It’s everything RAT BOY portrays; whether it’s through his music, his merchandise or his gigs – no one is stopping Jordan Cardy in his tracks.

Watch Rat Boy’s video for ‘Sign On’ below.