Pylo – ‘Bellavue’ | EP Review

pylo view

Words: Ryan Morgan

Pylo’s debut EP ‘Bellavue’ is a masterclass on how to create stadium worthy rock. With the opening track ‘View’ setting the standard off high, singer Matthew Aldus wastes no time in showing just how impressive his falsetto voice really is. This track seeps power from every second that passes but in a very sophisticated way; they don’t need to turn the overdrive on to justify it. With this track being their newest single as well, it feels like a warm welcome from close friends.

The next track ‘Enemies’ was the first single released by the band after their name change (they were previously Out like A Lion). With its soaring chorus and epic guitars, it’s clear that when this was released it was to sum up their sound. It works perfectly and continues to show just how epic this band can really sound. But no matter how familiar fans are with this track there is an extended interlude at the end to keep things fresh. This adds even more too the release, making it an experience for the listener and in time a game changer for the band.

‘Crying on land’ is the first previously unreleased track on the EP. Don’t let this fool you into thinking the standard isn’t as good. This band clearly understands the statement ‘less is more’. Leaving just enough space to allow the track to breathe, it really drives the lyrics to be even more meaningful. Not to say this track is sparse of massive sounding guitars or powerful drums by any means. Again it solidifies their sound even more and keeps the stadium feel alive.

Last track ‘Bare Eyed’ has possibly the most impressive vocals on, joined by equally impressive instruments backing it. Flowing in and out of minimal to full scale anthem. These guys have proved without a doubt that they can deliver the goods. With such care clearly taken on each track and executed in a way that makes them sound like veterans.

‘Bellavue’ feels like a perfect EP for this band and after hearing this release people will be sure to Pylo ver each other to see them live…(Pile over.. Pylo.. you get the idea!)

Check out ‘The View’ right here: