Release: Superfood – ‘Mam’ | EP Review


It’s not uncommon for a new band to be swallowed by their own wave of hype. Birmingham foursome Superfood made a big splash on their local scene last year thanks to some ramshackle live gigs and enthusiastic free press from fellow Brummies Swim Deep and Jaws. Lucky for them their debut EP ‘Mam’ lives up, mostly, to expectations.

Superfood deal in nostalgia, particularly for 90s indie and Brit Pop. It’s fizzy, sugary and addictive, even if their influences aren’t so much worn on their sleeves as emblazoned proudly on their chests. Dan Ganderton’s vocals on Opener ‘TV’ is delivered with all the slur and attack of pre-millennium David Albarn, while EP highlights ‘Bubbles’ and ‘Melting’ evoke the summery, over-exposed euphoria of Supergrass.

While a sense of déjà vu hangs heavy it is hard to deny the quality of the material here, and with summer just ahead it would be an injustice not to give ‘Mam’ a spin at your next BBQ over a bottle of cider and a good burger.

Watch the video for ‘TV’ right here: