Termites’ Debut ‘Termites’ | Album Review

Remember Woolworth’s? There used to be one down Broadwalk – or up if you were coming from the posher end of town – like Totterdown, – where, at the age of nine, I nicked two handfuls of their pick n mix. I hid them down the front of my trousers because my pockets were too tight which made my nonchalant exit from their establishment rather difficult when the whole lot shot straight down my trouser-legs as soon as I moved, sending wine gums and kola kubes skittering across the floor.

The memory is almost as painful as this subsequent analogy but local band Termites (dare I use the word eponymous?) eponymous first album is an illicit bag of sweet delights and sour bombs, chock-full of crackling and popping sherbet lemons and space dust tracks like opener ‘Clockwork Meat’ and single ‘Ammo’.

There are wistful toffee-chewing moments too, as in the lovely ‘Throwaway Days’ and the closing track ‘Gone Long’ and with their involvement in the renowned Toybox Studios the production is top-notch, natch, but it’s in the XTC worshipping ‘Dumb Rock’ they show that as well as stuff to get the kids hooked there’s some liquorice for the grown-ups.

Mr Nick