Austere – Casserole of Nonsense | Album Review

Released: 1st april When I think casserole (and I do on a regular basis), I think of  lots of varied ingredients, brought together, and given...

Tamu Massif ‘Alba’ | EP Review

Restraint can sometimes offer an essence of purity. This is definitely the case with the new Tamu Massif EP.

First Look: Fuzzy Plums – ‘Headbutt’

Hear the debut single from Bristol's Fuzzy Plums.

Releases of the Month | December

This month sees long-awaited albums, EPS and singles from Landslide Purist, Enemies, Slowcoaches, Bruising, Petrol Girls and Goan Dogs.

Boxcar Aldous Huxley ‘Telegrams Elapsing’ | Album Review

‘Telegrams Elapsing’, is a moderately short collection of six dystopian waltzes, with a slight nod to the progress Boxcar Aldous Huxley have consciously foregone in favour of traditional instrumentation.

Albums of the Year 2018

So here it is, Merry Countdowns; everybody’s having fun. It's that time again - for team Bristol in Stereo to contemplate their Albums of the Year.

Fires ‘Self-titled’ | EP Review

Fires may have spent the last couple of years tweaking their sound — but new EP 'Fires' hears them truly find their own blues-indebted angle.

Releases of the Month – October

This month sees some cracking albums, EPs and singles from Weaves, Wolf Alice, Rise Bristol, Bully, Nasty Little Lonely, Julien Baker and more.

Deej Dhariwal – ‘Still Connecting’ | Album Review

Straight off the back of a massively successful Thought Forms release, 'Still Connecting' is the long awaited solo album by Deej Dhariwal. Available on Lava Thief...

Towns ‘Get By’ | Album Review

Another owl shaped hole in the calendar, Towns debut album 'Get By' is the culmination of their long-time dedication to art that is psychedelic pop.