Releases of the Month: November

November's Releases of the Month ought to give you plenty to get you through the darker evenings.

Nasty Little Lonely – ‘Son Of The Flies’ | EP Review

Armed with a sound that’s truly unique, Nasty Little Lonely assure their place in the underground with an uncompromising statement of intent.

Wolf Alice ‘My Love Is Cool’ | Album Review

It's weird to think that Wolf Alice have only just got around to releasing a debut, but it was worth the wait.

Drenge ‘Undertow’ | Album Review

Northerners Drenge show second album pressures the way to the door with their follow up 'Undertow'.

Candy Darling ‘Money’ | Single Review

Emily Breeze is back with the long-awaited Candy Darling single, ‘Money’.

Jack Cookson ‘Revolt & Resolve’ | Album Review

Plymouth-based folk musician Jack Cookson is back with his eight-track debut album, ‘Revolt & Resolve’.

On An On – ‘Give In’ | Album Review

Words: Laura Eley Up until early this year Nate Eiesland, Alissa Ricci and Ryne Estwing made up three parts of what was Chicago based indie...

Sienna Chorus ‘Perfect Remedy’ | Single Review

After the release of a promising debut single, surprising upstarts Sienna Chorus refuse to buck the trend with their latest, ‘Perfect Remedy’.

The Rhubarbs ‘A Tale Of Love, Loss and Rhubarb’ | EP...

The self-proclaimed title of ‘Sweatbox Hype’ is one that The Rhubarbs have worn proudly on their sleeves since coming up with it, now after what seems like forever, the band are finally releasing their debut EP.

SINGLE: Salem. Asia.

Holy shit, what is this? In a good way, this is completely un-listenable. Actually, not in a good way, in an oh-my-God it’s 4am...



Dogeyed // In Short


Mouse // In Five