Releases of the Month | December

This month sees long-awaited albums, EPS and singles from Landslide Purist, Enemies, Slowcoaches, Bruising, Petrol Girls and Goan Dogs.

Bear’s Den – Red Earth & Pouring Rain Review

Bear's Den have smacked the usual concerns out of the park with their second full-length outing

Y CVn ‘Seducted’ | Album Review

With a full-length album as their debut release, Y CVn have set a powerful tone indeed.

LA Priest ‘Inji’ | Album Review

What we have with 'Inji' is the result of many encountered influences, all set to what he calls his 'futurist sonic mosaic.

Releases of the Month: March 2016

Each month we bring you a handy round-up of the most exciting new releases. This month sees long-awaited albums from Aurora and Emmy The Great, while...

Swim Deep – ‘Simmer’ | Single Review

Words: Laura Eley Flip side to the summer-washed haze of ‘She Changes The Weather’ comes the drowsy piano chords and drifting croons of ‘Simmer.’ A...

Milo’s Planes ‘Two Feet In A Crowd’ | Single Review

It's not really strange that Milo's Planes have kicked off the new year with such resolute volume, they're back with a thumper of a deluxe single.

Releases of the Month – May

This month sees long-awaited albums, EPS and singles from Girlpool, Perfume Genius, Tamu Massif, (Sandy) Alex G and loads more.

Towers – ‘Ugly Meanings, Beautiful Things’ | EP Review

Since ITV destroyed pop in 2001 (RIP), many guitar bands have tried their utmost to distance themselves from the concept of hooks, or else...

AOU – Self Titled | EP Review

Upon listening to London based quartet AOU, one will immediately notice the array of musical influences in their sound; mixing dream pop, post punk and electronica to create something truly colourful.