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Fiery and funky from the very beginning, Three Kings High have exploded back onto the Bristol music scene with second album They Think They're...

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Empty Pools: Exploded View Released: 20th June Back with their second self-released single, the much acclaimed Empty Pools return with a heavier, more skeletal offering than...

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'Ivywild’ is an electro-R&B fusion that explores a kaleidoscope of brave musical combinations and emotionally-charged lyrics.

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After many lineup changes Daggers And Waves finally took to J&J's mixing desks, and 'Wayward Lines' tells us that they've certainly made the most of the experience.

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We're delighted to showcase the 2015 edit of She Makes War's 'Slow Puncture'.

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The Amazing Snakeheads have been in the studio after hours, recording through the night their debut album, the result is the beautifully titled 'Amphetamine Ballads' - a boozy, destructive and incredibly unusual work.

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The Tame – ‘Ross & Rachel’ | EP Review

We're straining our ears to pluck out some dialect before, womp, it's clashy fills and stuttering stabs in the ear passage.