Downard ‘Talk Shop’ | EP Review

Downard’s newest EP ‘Talk Shop’ is akin to watching Tom Morello and Dean Tzenos go ballistic in a basement.

Twin Shadow ‘Eclipse’ | Album Review

The modest run-time, mainstream appeal and relatively inoffensive content of Eclipse will surely bode well for Twin Shadow.

AMRA ‘Chasing Fireflies’ | EP Review

Bristol singer-songwriter AMRA releases her debut EP ‘Chasing Fireflies’.

The Rupees ‘Extravaganza’ | EP Review

The Rupees new EP just bursts into life in charismatic rock 'n' roll fashion.

Bear’s Den – Red Earth & Pouring Rain Review

Bear's Den have smacked the usual concerns out of the park with their second full-length outing

Towns – ‘Young At Heart’ | Single Review

Shoegaze-coated guitar popsters Towns could well be our most written about band to date. Working harder than communist beavers these last two years, we can look forward to a flurry of new material in 2014 - kicked off by this stonking single.

Releases of the Month // July

Plenty to get hot and sweaty about in July's Releases of the Month. Don't forget to wear sunscreen. And other clothing.

Archimedes – Monoceros | Single Review

Archimedes Monoceros Released: 25th March Released on the one year anniversary of their debut EP (On Spirals), Archimedes new single shows a years worth...

Bridges ‘Ballgowns’ | Single Review

Perhaps their finest single to date, Bridges are back with the sharp and stunning 'Ballgowns'.

Termites’ Debut ‘Termites’ | Album Review

Remember Woolworth’s? There used to be one down Broadwalk – or up if you were coming from the posher end of town – like...