George Ezra ‘Wanted On Voyage’ | Album Review

There was never any doubt as to the places George Ezra's music would take him, and the debut album 'Wanted On Voyage' is laced with the charm that initially sparked our interest.

Y CVn ‘Seducted’ | Album Review

With a full-length album as their debut release, Y CVn have set a powerful tone indeed.

The Rhubarbs ‘A Tale Of Love, Loss and Rhubarb’ | EP...

The self-proclaimed title of ‘Sweatbox Hype’ is one that The Rhubarbs have worn proudly on their sleeves since coming up with it, now after what seems like forever, the band are finally releasing their debut EP.

Tamu Massif ‘Alba’ | EP Review

Restraint can sometimes offer an essence of purity. This is definitely the case with the new Tamu Massif EP.

Sleaford Mods ‘Key Markets’ | Album Review

How do you critique a Sleaford Mods record? A record that in its essence doesn’t need to be analysed, nor gives f*ck what you think?

Chapel Club – ‘All The Eastern Girls’ | Single Review

Chapel Club follow up their appearance on the NME’s new band tour by releasing their third single of the year. Their lack of seeming...

Releases of the Month – August

This month sees long-awaited albums, EPs and singles from Grizzly Bear, The War on Drugs, Ghostpoet, Liars, Iron and Wine and Nadine Shah.

Echo and The Bunnymen ‘Meteorites’ | Album Review

A year ago, Ian McCulloch found himself in a dark place. After leading Echo & The Bunnymen through thirty-five years of epic highs and turbulent lows, the singer realised it was time to take a break and look inwards.

Lionface ‘Battle’ | EP Review

More aggressive and combative from the offset, the EP definitely takes a ‘more is more’ attitude.