Flags – ‘Oil and Sparks’ EP | Full Review

The whole experience is one that blurs into the subconscious, those four-tracks simply becoming one single piece that ends all to abruptly. There's a masterful sense that each song is simply building slowly into the next, testing the listener’s resolve for a final triumphant decree of noise.

Tamu Massif ‘Alba’ | EP Review

Restraint can sometimes offer an essence of purity. This is definitely the case with the new Tamu Massif EP.

Nasty Little Lonely ‘Bad Jack & Other Stories’ | EP Review

The rather genre-defying Nasty Little Lonely are back with an EP of terrible tales.

Local Natives – ‘Sunlit Youth’ Review

The band’s third album is layered with eloquence, emotion and meticulous melodies

Carl Barat – ‘Run With The Boys’ | Single Review

“I love her face/and I love her name… I’ve made up my mind/I’ve slippin’ away/I’ve got this new girl down in Harringay”, goes the...

Releases of the Month – May

This month sees long-awaited albums, EPS and singles from Girlpool, Perfume Genius, Tamu Massif, (Sandy) Alex G and loads more.

Kwabs ‘Love + War’ | Album Review

As a solo artist with unicorn lungs and production steeped in grandeur, Kwabs lives in a crowded house.

Ghost Of The Avalanche ‘Body Snatchers’ | EP Review

Since early last year, Ghost Of The Avalanche have been making DFA 1979-inspired noise, now they're back with a new EP.

Our Nameless Boy ‘A Chorus Short’ | EP Review

Our Nameless Boy follow up last year’s single with the release of debut EP, ‘A Chorus Shy’.

Summer Camp ‘Bad Love’ | Album Review

Not a lot has changed for Summer Camp, their sickly sweet demeanour continues to prevail with 'Bad Love'.