Restorations | Preview


After Restorations burst into the spot light in 2011 with their well received self-titled LP, the Philadelphian five-piece held the pace in releasing their second record, simply titled ‘LP2’. Now, they’re set to kick off the UK/EU leg of their final tour of the album (Exchange, 15th of April), before adding the finishing touches to their third full-length, set to be released this year.

Featuring Jon Loudon, Dave Klyman and Ben Pierce, all former members of long-running punk-rock outfit Jena Berlin, and with the addition of drummer Carlin Brown and bassist Dan Zimmerman, Restorations have an arsenal of influences with which to form their sound; a unique blend of punk, indie-rock and shoegaze. A rugged vocal delivery from Loudon balances upon dancing guitar melodies, all supported by solid driving bass-lines which lead verses into humongous, open choruses and immersive instrumental sections. Here is where the band really start to shine.

Joined by Australians The Smith Street Band and fellow Americans Laura Stevenson and Astpai, this is guaranteed to be an awesome injection of overseas punk-rock.

Watch the video for ‘D’ here, from their second album ‘LP2’: