Goan Dogs – ’20 Minutes From The Border’ | EP Review

Goan Dogs
20 Minutes From The Border [EP]
Released: 29th July

We’ve got a bit of a masterpiece here. Thoughtful and meticulous, yet retaining an earthy sincerity, ‘20 Minutes From The Border’ makes for an engaging first listen.

In short they tell dusty Americana tales, but gorgeously arranged, and encompassing (for us at least) the sombre beauty of Nick Drake and the haunting qualities of Nick Cave – and in fact our fave ‘Hold Me Back’ hits the ear straight off of a Tarantino soundtrack.

The record is also at times reminiscent of Radiohead’s ‘Hail To The Thief’, rife with legato and earthy tones, taken out of their respective comfort zones to create quite the eerie tapestry.

Head to their launch night at The Cube Cinema on 29th July to see what we mean.