Pierce The Veil | Live Review

A very young crowd embarked on the fleece for what is Pierce The Veil’s first headlining tour and opening for them were The Getaway Plan, Who were exactly where they belonged to be, the opening act.

This wasn’t a very exciting live act, the Australians lacked presence. With catchy guitar riffs they managed to get some of the crowd interested but lead singer Mathew Wright needs to sit him self down and think about mic control, either that or strap the mic to his mouth. Not being able to hear the lyrics are just as bad as hearing you go out of tune.

On the other hand, Crown The Empire had a much better reception. From the off they had the young crowd clapping along to their “Panic At The Disco” just got angry, style of music. Take a listen to the song ‘Johnny Ringo’ and you will know exactly what I mean. Their fifth song ‘Breaking Point’ produced a pit the size of the Fleece and the contrast of Andy Leo and David Escamilla’s high and low screams were their strength.

There was something just wrong with guitarist Brandon Hoover’s one man, one finger stage show. Creepily enticing the crowd with his index finger and seedy facial expressions.

This was all futile though, Crown The Empire is the type of band that will swim in the undercurrent of much better bands such as Pierce The Veil, of which did not disappoint.

Opening with the Intro from their new album ‘Collide With The Sky’ The Fleece erupted. The intro ran straight into track two ‘Hell Above’ where once again The Fleece turned into a pit, with the young crowd loosing their heads.

Pierce The Veil had taken over the venue with Bassist Jaime Preciado, a man possessed, jumping around the stage and singer Vic Fuentes hitting every note perfectly.

It’s hard to explain how extraordinary Vic’s voice is, on record his high pitched tone sounds like he would struggle live, on the contrary, he manages to sing and scream effortlessly still hitting levels many women would be proud of!

A couple of their older tracks ‘Bulletproof Love’ and ‘Caraphernelia’ were received with great adoration. Their fans are die-hard and sing to every word, especially during their final song ‘King For A Day’, with its fast paced verses and prominent break down, it was a perfect end to a brilliant set.

This is a band that has defied time, while most post-hardcore bands are falling out of favour, Pierce The Veil have been shooting up the ranks. There is a reason for this, not only do they write records that can be listened to back to back, they give it their all live.

Words: Lee Kiernan

Photos: Jo Hadler