Ride have carried on where they left off with fifth album Weather Diaries. It’s a record full of vitality, sounding like a band who have reformed with a real purpose. With an imminent date at SWX this month, we caught up with drummer Loz Colbert.

A few months on from the release, he still sounds genuinely humbled by the reaction to their first new music in over twenty years. “It’s been great to see the response within the industry but also, more importantly, to see the fans connecting with new music.” It’s no surprise really as their followers jumped on the news of a reunion back in 2015. He continues, “People who have known us a long time are really digging it and holding it in their hands as a real Ride record. We’re over the moon to see people singing along to the new songs in lots of different countries.”

“People are holding it in their hands as a real Ride record.”

Whether you latched onto the band on this second wave, or during their emergence in the nineties, the sounds on the new album should seem like a familiar friend. Loz backs up this sentiment: “We didn’t want to take a wild step into the dark and do something involving pure electronics or medieval instruments. We were going to keep it within the sphere of what Ride is good at.” The band relished being back in the studio, despite the initial tentativeness. “It felt like a great environment to be working in as everyone was contributing,” he says. This is something that reflects in the listen. “We were banging songs out like a band who’d been working together forever. We found a really positive way of working, it had momentum, focus and energy that didn’t get too hung up on details.”

“We were banging songs out like a band who’d been working together forever.”

If anything, ‘reunion’ felt like the wrong word to use when Ride got back together. “You can’t avoid the fact that it falls under the banner of a reunion, but we just wanted to carry on really.” He takes stock of this before continuing. “It really did feel like a new band with a new fire that reminded us of what it felt like at the start. Even though we spent 2015 playing all our old songs, in the back of our minds it was really important to make some new music because the feeling in the band was so fresh. We were interacting so well that we decided to crystallise it into some new songs.”

The band did have their eyes on their reforming 90s peers, which could have played somewhat into the return. Loz says, “The first one was Pixies, then My Bloody Valentine, but one of the big ones for me was The Stone Roses. Just seeing how committed they were to making a real step forward was brilliant.” Ride were naturally excited to return themselves: “It felt important to be relevant again, just to say ‘this is us and this is the sound we make’. It’s good to allow people to connect with that again in the first hand sense that you get live.”

“We were interacting so well that we decided to crystallise it into some new songs.”

That chance to connect comes very soon and the band couldn’t be more thrilled to be Bristol-bound. “We’re so up for bringing Weather Diaries to Bristol. These will be the first UK dates where we’ve considered it and played new songs. We’ve played the city a few times since we got back together but to come back with this new album that we’re really proud of is great. As soon as we started playing the new songs in rehearsal it felt like lights were going on. Hope you’re all ready for it.”

Ride play SWX on 9th November, with Weather Diaries out now.