New Bristol-based independent label Rockpool Recordings have announced details of their first physical release.

The label, founded by Pop Or Not Promotion’s Caio Wheelhouse, is a 14-track compilation of vibrant, odd-ball pop called Intertidal Life, and is set for release on cassette next Friday (26th May).

Including on the release are Bristol favourites Snails, who share ‘Run Out of Woo’ for the compilation, Tara Clerkin, who’s new single ‘Queeny’ was the first track to be unveiled from the cassette, and Karl Band, who close out with their song ‘Cardio’.

Check out the full tracklisting below, the cassette is available for pre-order purchase here.

Watch the new video for Tara Clerkin’s ‘Queeny’ below.

  1. Robert Sotelo – ‘Leave Me Standing Outside’
  2. Molly Linen – ‘Over That Hill’
  3. Trecco Beis – ‘Lou Say’s’
  4. Clementine March – ‘Voyager Sans Passer’
  5. Kyle Forester – ‘Know What You’re Doing’
  6. Smudges – ‘Sunchine Reggae The Sequel’
  7. JC Flowers – ‘Tom Dougal Contra – Rock Dogma’
  8. Gintis – ‘We Had Plans’
  9. Seatbelts – ‘Song For Vonnegut’
  10. Snails – ‘Run Out Of Woo’
  11. Tara Clerkin – ‘Queeny’
  12. Wheel House – ‘Overgrown’
  13. Rocky Lorelei – ‘cargaeeen’
  14. The Balky Mule – ‘High Winds’
  15. Karl Band – ‘Cardio’