Photo: Tom Shawcroft & Kenji Abe

Local five-piece Rozelle refuse to be put in a box – and new single ‘Closer’ instantly sets them apart. Formed by frontwoman Hayley Smith, Rozelle’s influences range from avant-garde poetry to progressive rock, with lyrical content drawn from hours of staying up late and playing around with philosophies: “We like to question our reality in a curious and positive way and it plays a big part in our creative energy as a group.”

Based on the notion of uncertainty, the new track was born during a spontaneous kitchen-jam, eventually transforming into what the band describe as a “warped story about two characters having a religious dispute.” Blending a range of musical styles, ‘Closer’ showcases Rozelle’s diverse appetites. “It sticks out like the person with the loudest voice in a humid, over-capacitated room. Most of our records have been polite and smooth on the ears, so we think people will be shocked getting to know our temperament and versatility.”

The conversation soon moves to the the Bristol music scene: “It has a lot of heavy and dark energy as well as this refreshing innovative spark, so it’s the perfect place to write and be creative, as it isn’t massively fixed. We’re really into Goan Dogs and Memory of Elephants, both these bands are going to do something cool.”

With a launch show scheduled for 4th August at Bristol’s Start the Bus, Rozelle are eager to give something extra: “For us it’s a special and exciting thing to do. We feel strongly about what we’ve been writing in the last couple of months and we now have an unusual and diverse musical library. Each record feels as strong and as exciting as the last, and we’re ready to share them.”

Rozelle play Start the Bus on 4th August with ‘Closer’ out exclusively via their mailing list on the 1st.

Check out ‘Closer’ here: