If you head to Stokes Croft Beer Garden on Thursday night (12th) from six until nine, you can join a fourth birthday celebration featuring DJ sets from Em WlliamsMercy’s CartelNgaio and Grove. Doesn’t sound like your average fourth birthday shindig, eh? Get ready for grown-up fun, as Saffron turns four.

In 2015, Laura Lewis-Paul launched Saffron to support, champion and inspire women, female-identifying and non-binary people in music. The work of organisations like Saffron are key to helping an industry historically over-run by white dudes speed up in its efforts to turn the corner and head for parity.

With just 5% of music technology personnel (sound crews, recording studios) coming from Saffron’s target groups, they have been working hard to address this. With their record label, artist development platform and their teaching series, they have worked hard in their short existence to help reframe the narrative and encourage a more diverse music industry picture. In 2019, they’ve teamed up with The British Council, the PRS Foundation, The Prince’s Trust, The Trinity Centre and Team Love to enhance their impact and promote their message.

We’re all about organisations like this. Long may they run.

See more about Saffron’s work here.

See Saffron-backed Mercy’s Cartel perform ‘Caution’ live here: