Sage Francis | Preview


One of the unofficial godfathers of US underground hip-hop, Sage Francis is many things. An MC, slam poet and spoken word artist who now runs his own label – Strange Famous – he cut his teeth distributing mixtapes and producing rough-and-ready LPs like 2002’s ‘Personal Journals’ and ‘A Healthy Distrust’ in 2005.

A veteran of the leftfield experimentation that took place in the late nineties under labels like Anticon, the rapper is currently on a European tour to promote his new album ‘Copper Gone’ and will be passing through Bristol at the end of next month. The new LP is an introspective record, veering from melancholy to raw screeching, and  it’s named after the tag sprayed onto abandoned houses in his neighbourhood, which had been stripped of their copper pipes.

Armed with a journalism degree and famed for his outspoken political stance – demonstrated in tracks like 2001’s ‘Makeshift Patriot’ – he became known for berating the Bush administration and corporate media post 9/11. So if you like your lyrics conscious, your beats fat, and your MC’s bearded, head down to The Fleece on Monday 20th October.

Check out ‘Over Under’ right here: