Sam Eason ‘With Hope’ | EP Review


This EP from everyone’s favourite late bloomer, Sam Eason, is something of an anachronism. Opening with a passage from H.D. Carberry’s ‘Epitaph’, we’re left yearning to travel back in time. No, not to the 90s like many 2015 acts, not even to the 60s — but to a time before man.

There are open chords, there are country licks, there’s rumination on soul-saving and falling in love. But crusty pub-folk this is not, even reminiscent at times of alt-acoustic heartthrobs like Death Cab or City and Colour. ‘At Sea’ is the undoubted highlight; rich in the kinds of melancholic, Americana tones that sucker you in and never let go. Live at The Louisiana 1st August.

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