9th August | SWX

He’s all over Twitter, having recently cancelled tour and festival dates due to illness but, much to our delight, he’s back. A Critics’ Choice BRIT Award winner, pop sensation and English heartthrob, it appears that the only way is up for Sam Fender.

Since the release of ‘Play God’ in 2017, Sam’s been pretty hard to avoid. Teenage girls love his social media sarcasm and Instagram personality, and music lovers can’t get enough of his agile vocals and hooky choruses. He’s the indie boy with an edge whose broken into the pop mainstream that we’ve all been waiting for.

But it’s pop with a tinge of sadness that Sam Fender puts across so well. Detailing issues such as male mental health, millennials and poverty, he’s refreshingly open about tackling personal and current issues through song. Despite being flung headfirst into a world he continues to critique, he’s kept his head firmly screwed on and his releases desperately sought after.

He’s also not afraid to speak his mind about the Instagram-obsessed world he’s found himself to be a part of. He spoke frankly about Ed Sheeran, calling him “beige”, alluded that Jamie Oliver wouldn’t know a “cheap” meal if it hit him in the face and despairs at the generation of twenty-somethings who text each other from across the room.

We’re looking forward to Sam’s frank opinions and hooky tracks on stage at SWX this month. He may have taken some time out, but that’s only made the mania surrounding his success even more intoxicating.

See the video for ‘Hypersonic Missiles’ here: